Too important even for politeness

There are some control freaks who don’t even bother apologising for being late, or for missing a meeting, or for any other situation where they’ve let others down. This isn’t too surprising given the ultimately narcissistic view that control freaks have where other people simply don’t matter.

What is surprising though is the effect this has on their reputation. In anyone else this would seem rude and would over time become recognised as an unforgiveable flaw in someone’s character. But in the weird topsy-turvy world of control freaks it actually strengthens their reputations in the minds of the sheep that they are trying to surround themselves with.

You hear the same excuse so often – “Well they must be doing something very important”. So the sheep not only forgive the rudeness but take it as a sign that someone is truly important. It seems they think that the only good reason someone would have for being rude is because they are doing something so important. That because the sheep couldn’t possibly admit the control freaks are doing it because they just don’t care about others, because if that were true then it would mean the sheep admitting that others see them as worthless, which cuts too deep to even acknowledge. So they would rather persist in the fantasy that others are only ever rude for the noblest of motives, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

To make it even worse, implicit in this excuse is a view that people who are polite and do apologise are obviously doing things that are less important because they can take the time to be human. Remarkable!

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