A monopoly of ideas

Why do some managers think they are the only people who have good ideas?  Okay, maybe they don’t think that way, but they certainly act like it.

Here are some obvious behaviour display of this weakness:

  • Do they automatically reject any big idea they have not had themselves?
  • Do they always want to tweak something, even if it is the work of experts in a field they know nothing about?
  • Do they only accept something you say when enough other people agree with you?
  • When they have a dumb idea does it take a superhuman effort (possibly involving lots of you) to dissuade them from it?
  • Do they claim other people’s ideas as their own?
  • Do they genuinely forget that the idea was someone else’s and truly believe it was theirs?

A decent manager has to learn to spot this behaviour in themselves and stop it from happening. If they don’t do it themselves then it is unlikely anyone will be bold enough to point it out to them.

2 thoughts on “A monopoly of ideas”

  1. I am 1 of those control freaks. I want to control everything and everyone. I do not want to listen to anyone else’s ideas. If I listen to other people’s ideas and we use them. Everyone may figure out how incompetent I really am. I have to control everyone’s actions, my husband, my employee’s, my kids. Everything needs to be the way I want it. I hide behind my power, so no one will figure me out. As long as I keep talking and being a bitch everyone will think I know what I’m doing. I have to put in extra hours, because if I am not there. They may figure out they don’t need me or someone may do something on their own and it may be better than what I would have done. I try to show my boss how tough I am and show how I will do what it takes; I am even a bitch to my employees. I want my boss to think I am a company player, but the truth is I am really weak and scared I will be figured out. I have heard my boss Gary hates me because I never shut up. I’m confused please send ideas and thoughs.

    SO give us control freaks a break, we are actually weak and lack confidence.

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